How does Digest work?




  • Who are the articles intended for?
    They are for the general consumer, which is why they are written in easy-to-digest, plain language bites that can be consumed by your clients.
  • Can I add my own content?
    Yes you can do this by selecting “custom article” when building your e-newsletter.

Getting Started

  • What is MailChimp and how is it related to my Digest subscription?
    Mailchimp is the software you will use to send your email to your contacts, assess the analytics and manage your contacts
  • I’ve signed up to a different email service. What do I do?
    Click here for a tutorial on how to transfer your contacts.
  • Can I use other email services to send my e-newsletter?
    Unfortunately not at the moment, as Digest is designed to work with Mailchimp. Mailchimp offers a free plan if you have < 2,000 subscribers.
  • How do I join Mailchimp?
    You can join for free (click here). Note: please use the same business email address  you used during your Digest set-up.
  • I’ve signed up to mailchimp, now what do I do?
    The next step involves linking your Mailchimp account.  Shortly, you’ll receive an email requesting access to your Mailchimp account so we can manage your e-newsletters. Once you receive this, please grant Dietitian Connection with an Admin role. [Note: you’ll need to respond within 7 days].
  • How do I put my clients into MailChimp?
    Click here for a tutorial on how to start a list and then click here for instructions on how to import your subscribers.
  • Help! I don’t know what to make my subject line
    Click here for a guide from Mailchimp.


  • Do you create the e-newsletter for me or do I create it?
    You create it on your Digest dashboard [note you need to be logged in to your DC Account] and then submit it. We’ll take care of the rest.
  • Can I add my own brand and logo?
    Yes, you will be prompted to do this after you sign up. Then we will personalise your email to match your branding.
  • What is the ideal number of articles to have in my e-newsletter?
    It’s always a good idea to keep your e-newsletter focused and brief. MailChimp says this: When it’s time for you to send a campaign, you can choose a few pieces of content you’d like to showcase based on who you’re sending to. We recommend 4-5 articles per newsletter. Most people are bombarded with emails every day, so keep yours to the point to make it easy for your subscribers to scan them quickly if they need to. For more tips from MailChimp on creating the ideal e-newsletter, visit here.

  • Do I need to have a physical mailing address?
    Yes. Anti-spam laws require you to have a valid, physical postal address if you are sending marketing emails. If you work from home but don’t want to use your home address, here are some alternatives (click here).
  • What should I add as my “call to action?”
    This can vary depending on your objectives. Consider something like “Book an appointment” (with a link to your online booking system) or “Find out more about my / our services”.
  • How can I tell you about my “call to action”?
    Please add this in the comments box (or in your custom article with a link) when building your e-newsletter.
  • I added my own images into my e-newsletter – why can’t I see them?
    They’re on their way to the DC team, so we can import them into your e-newsletter. Please note: image width must not exceed 1600 x 1600 pixels. You may need to resize high-resolution images before submitting them.
  • Do we get access to an online image library?
    Each Digest article from the content library comes with an image to accompany it. You may submit your own image as part of your custom article.
  • How do I go about arranging the order of my articles?
    You can decide this when building your newsletter in the digest section on the website. Simply click and drag your articles to change the order.
  • Can I get personalised help on my e-newsletter if I’m struggling?
    Yes – please send us an email at
  • Once my e-newsletter template is set, can I save and reuse it?
    Yes – we’ll help you with this in Mailchimp
  • Is my e-newsletter mobile-friendly?
    Yes it has been designed with mobile reading in mind.
  • Why can’t I see a preview for my e-newsletter?
    We will send you a preview of your e-newsletter shortly – we do this after you have submitted it so you can see what it looks like with your branding.
  • Can I use the articles and images from Digest elsewhere – such as on my blog or in social media?
    We’re especially proud of the content and images we’ve curated for Digest, and as a subscriber, we encourage you to make use of them in your e-newsletters to your heart’s content! However, due to copyright and licensing agreements, we’re not able to permit our library of content and images to be used elsewhere.

My subscription

  • Why do I need to subscribe – can I use Digest as a once-off?
    We hope to have a once-off option coming in the future. For now, digest is designed to give you continual communication, once per month, with your clients.
  • How many e-newsletters will I get to send per month?
    Currently we have one e-newsletter per month. In the future, we will have the option to send more frequent e-newsletters.
  • What happens if I don’t use my e-newsletter one month?
    Your e-newsletters will “bank up” in your account; you can use it at a later date.


  • How many recipients can I send to?
    There is no limit. It is entirely up to you
  • How /where do I get my list of email recipients?
    This will be your list of contacts (e.g. past / present or potential clients) which you have obtained permission from to email.


  • Who reviews my e-newsletter before it goes out? How is this done, and how quickly?
    Our DC team will send you a draft to review (within 2 business days of submitting). Then, you’ll have the opportunity to make changes via your Mailchimp account before we send it out.
  • Who makes any changes found in the review process?
    You can do this via Mailchimp by logging in to your Mailchimp account -> then click “templates” -> then select your newsletter . The DC team is here to help if you need assistance.
  • Can I spell check my e-newsletter before it goes out?
    Yes you can do this during the review process.
  • I’m happy with my e-newsletter; what do I do now?Please notify us (via email) and we will schedule it for you. You can request to schedule it yourself; please follow the instructions below.

– – Go to the campaigns tab (top left) and you will see your e-newsletter.

— Under to (who you are sending it to), you can click the dropdown box and select the list that you just created by importing your subscribers.

— Then click here for instructions on sending it

  • Can I schedule the time of day that my e-newsletter goes out?
     Yes you can do this when submitting your e-newsletter and/or when scheduling it in Mailchimp.  Please be aware that Mailchimp might take a few hours to actually deliver the e-newsletter; as a result not all of your subscribers might receive the e-newsletter at the same time.
  • Can I recall a e-newsletter if I hit send too soon?
    Unfortunately Mailchimp only allows this for Pro plans and newsletters with large lists (>10,000 people). It is best to double check your campaign to ensure it’s error free. If  you do happen to make a mistake, you can send a follow-up email later with the corrected information.

After Hitting Send – Evaluation

  • How frequently should I send emails out?
    MailChimp says this: There’s nothing set in stone about how often you should email your customers, but if you send too often, your subscribers are likely to tune out what you have to say or unsubscribe altogether…we suggest sending an email at least once a month to keep your subscribers engaged, but don’t feel you need to commit to this immediately.
  • How do I find statistics on my e-newsletter?
    You can check this by logging into mailchimp -> then click campaigns in the top left -> then you have the option of viewing a report for your recently sent e-newsletters.
  • What stats should I be aiming for, in terms of engagement?
    Benchmarks for the health & fitness industry are 21.9% for opens and 2.57% for clicks. It’s a good idea to compare your result to this benchmark to assess where it sits.  In the future, we will provide benchmarks from our Digest clients.
  • I’ve noticed people are unsubscribing from my newsletter; is this normal?
    Yes it’s normal for some of your subscribers to unsubscribe. Unsubscribe rates for the Health & Fitness industry are on average 0.37% according to Mailchimp.
  • What’s the best time to send out an e-newsletter?
    Data from a number of studies [via CoSchedule] suggest that Tuesday is the best day to send e-newsletters. The best times are: 6am, 10am, 2pm or 8pm. Having said this, it’s a good idea to test a few different days/times and see what works best with your audience.

Increasing Readership

  • Can I embed a signup form in my website?
    Yes – please click here for instructions from Mailchimp.
  • How do I get my key audiences to sign up for my Digest e-newsletter?
    Here a few strategies:- Add a sign-up form on your website- Ask your clients for permission before collecting their email addresses (click here to read more)- Do a shoutout on social media about your newsletter and then send followers to your sign-up form


  • When is support available?
    The DC team is ready to help you via email ( or call us Mon-Thur 9am-4pm on: (07) 3118 1794


Terms and Conditions

  • What are the terms and conditions for Digest?
    Please click here to view
  • What is your privacy policy?
    Please click here to view
  • Why do you need access to my Mailchimp account?
    We require access [as an agency in Mailchimp] so we can set-up your template and newsletters and then assist you if required.

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