What dietitians need to know to build a successful Instagram

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You love looking through Instagram. But you’re scared of posting professionally – perhaps you don’t know the Insta etiquette, or you don’t know what to post that would interest others.

Leave it to the experts. In this DC webinar, dietitians Rebecca Gawthorne (of @nourish_naturally, which has 150K+ followers) and Leanne Ward will help you find your social media voice and leverage the social platform with prowess.

Learn to maximise a limited budget; to make money using Instagram; but most of all, to capitalise from Instagram and be seen as the true expert.

Invest time in watching this webinar – and reap the Insta-rewards.

Learning objectives:

– Learn how to build their following on a limited budget

– Learn how to work with brands/companies on a limited budget

– Learn how to create a visually appealing platform

– Learn how others in the field have built successful Instagram accounts

– Learn how to make an income off Instagram

– Learn how to determine how much time and effort to put into their account

– Learn how dietitians can capitalise off Instagram and be seen as the true expert

Presented by Rebecca Gawthorne and Leanne Ward

Rebecca Gawthorne, also known as “Nourish Naturally”, is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist and a University of Wollongong Honours graduate. She owns a Private Dietetic Practice in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney and also runs the health Instagram, @nourish_naturally, which has 150K+ followers. Rebecca works closely with food companies and the media, reviewing products, creating recipes and writing for blogs & magazines.

Leanne Ward is a 27 year old Queensland based dietitian who is currently employed full time as a clinical dietitian for a hospital in Brisbane. She spreads her workload across acute inpatients and also an obesity outpatient weight loss clinic.  As her passion is ending Australia’s obesity epidemic, in her spare time she runs successful social media pages and is known online as “The Fitness Dietitian” due to her combined love of nutrition and fitness. Through her numerous social media pages, she motivates, inspires, educates and empowers many people to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Her aim is to show all Australians that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, expensive or restrictive and that being healthy isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle choice. Leanne has over 120,000 followers throughout her various social media accounts and wants to share some of the knowledge she has gained from working with social media with other dietitian’s to help them build their social media following. She believes dietitians need to have a more powerful voice in social media and encourages all dietitians to build their social media profiles

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