Stop Marketing in the Dark: 6 Steps to Understanding Your Target Customers

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Please note professional development hours are applicable for Australian Continuing Education Requirements.

Before you commit another penny to marketing, step back. Do you know exactly whom you’re trying to reach – and where those target customers spend their time and money? Do you know how to speak their language –and when they’re most likely to listen and react? It’s time to stop marketing blindly.

Make your marketing investment work harder for you — and deliver results. Our DC webinar with Chris McCaroll, founder of Allied Health Marketing, will help you understand your “buying personas” – those target customers most likely to be receptive to what you have on offer. Then, he’ll give you cost-effective, actionable tips to save time and improve your results.

Don’t just throw money at marketing and hope to acquire new customers. Make the most of your marketing spend, and ensure those dollars go toward capturing the most likely candidates who can be converted into customers


Topics we will cover:
  • Creating Buyer Personas
  • Identifying content opportunities
  • Planning your content schedule
  • Creating your Key Marketing messages


About the presenter:

Chris McCarroll founded Allied Health marketing (AHM) in 2014 to assist allied health professionals focus on growing their business through the use of strategic marketing, creative and consistent branding and the use of digital media. Chris found, too often, that allied health professionals lacked the confidence to promote themselves in an increasing cluttered market and prides himself on being able to provide cost effective, straight forward solutions to ease the workload of sole traders, small practices and multi-discipline centres.


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