Nutritional considerations in the dialysis population: from malnutrition to obesity

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Please note professional development hours are applicable for Australian Continuing Education Requirements.

Nutritional management in CKD is complex and dynamic. This presentation will explore the unique factors that contribute to altered nutritional states in CKD. The prevalence of obesity is rising in the CKD population which presents challenges in patient care. The renal diet is multi-faceted with seemingly conflicting dietary needs which require advanced reasoning skills in order to effectively manage these patients. Gaining an understanding of these nutritional needs and how to prioritise these issues within the context of holistic, patient-centred care is vital.

Learning Objectives: 

1.Identify the factors that contribute to altered nutritional states in CKD

2.Describe strategies which can be used to address sarcopenia in CKD

3.Be able to prioritise the various nutritional issues in dialysis patients

Presented by: 

Jessica Stevenson has been an APD since 2010 and has worked in the UK and in Australia as a specialist renal dietitian. She is currently working in Renal Supportive Care as a senior dietitian. Renal Supportive Care integrates palliative care into renal medicine, with the prime focus on improving quality of life through symptom management. Jess has extensive experience in the nutritional management of dialysis-dependent and pre-dialysis CKD patients. She is currently undertaking a PhD exploring the use of eHealth technologies to improve patients’ self–management and support behaviour change.

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