Now you see it! – Using Data Analytics to Target Nutrition Risk

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HealthShare NSW has a new service delivery model called My Food Choice which is being implemented into many NSW hospitals. The My Food Choice model uses technology to improve the menu service to inpatients, and also provides valuable nutrition information to the Nutrition departments.

This presentation will provide an insight into how this model has driven the upskilling of clinical staff in data analytics in their day to day roles. The model has made available nutrition data on all hospital inpatients, and this presentation will show case how this data is being used to identify and target patients at nutrition risk.

Learning Objectives:

1. Improve familiarity of the MyFood Choice service delivery model.
2. Improve understanding of the processes which support the availability of nutrition information as part of this model.
3. Improve understanding of the tools and technology available to aid in analysis of the nutrition information.
4. Improve familiarity with how this nutrition information is being used in clinical practice to identify and target nutrition risk

About the presenter:

Mel Schier has been a clinical Dietitian for in excess of 20 years, with many of those years spent working at Blacktown Mt Druitt Hospitals in Western Sydney.

In 2015, Blacktown Mt Druitt Hospital were approached by HealthShare NSW to be a one way pilot site for the implementation of the My Food Choice service model. Mel was the clinical lead in working with the HealthShare project team to implement the model into a facility where historically the menu service was managed by the Nutrition department. She was required to redesign the clinical work flow for both Dietitians and Dietitian Assistants, and learn to incorporate the new model into clinical practice.

In December 2016 – June 2017, Mel worked in a project role with the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation. In this role, she worked with HealthShare and clinical facility’s to share her experiences, develop resource kits, and assist in the clinical aspects of My Food Choice implementation at other sites.

She has now returned to Blacktown where she is again focussing on using the information available from My Food Choice to continue to enhance patient care and experience.

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Presented By
Mel Schier