The Mediterranean Dietary Pattern

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The Mediterranean Dietary Pattern and its application to an Australian population – where are we now and what is the implication in practice and health guidelines?


The landmark PREDIMED paper was recently retracted and replaced with an updated paper in 2018. This webinar will unpack the new paper and implications of revised findings to practice. It will also review the most recent and relevant Australian based trials on the Mediterranean diet for chronic disease management. This will include how the diet translates to a diverse Australian population, including practical tips and useful findings that worked well with patients in the research.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is a key component of the Mediterranean Diet, and it is now well established that EVOO’s positive health impact goes far beyond its fat profile to the diverse bioactive compounds it contains.

This webinar will also discuss where positive nutrients such as antioxidants founds in EVOO fit in to individual nutrition interventions as well as public health policy such as the dietary guidelines and the upcoming 5-year review of the Health Star Rating.

Learning objectives:

On completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the key findings of the recently updated PREDIMED paper and translate these findings to evidence -based recommendations
  • Understand the latest research on the Mediterranean Diet in an Australian population and how a Mediterranean style of eating is adaptable to a diverse Australian population
  • Describe the key risk factors and chronic disease states that the Mediterranean Diet impacts in Australia, according to the latest evidence
  • List some of the common perceived barriers to adopting a Mediterranean style dietary pattern and implement strategies to overcome this with patients in practice
  • List the major bioactive components found in EVOO and how they play a positive role in the health attributes of EVOO and its suitability for high temperature cooking
  • Provide practical ways to include EVOO in the diet and in meal plans, accounting for dietary guidelines

About the presenter:

Dr Joanna McMillan originally hails from Scotland, and came to Australia in 1999, where she won a scholarship to complete her PhD in Nutritional Science at The University of Sydney. As a dietitian and former fitness instructor, she is driven by a passion to promote the influence that diet and lifestyle have on our health and wellbeing. She is a published author, an international presenter and a regular on our TV screens, including being the host for the Gut Revolution series on ABC Catalyst.  Joanna is an ambassador for and nutrition consultant to Cobram Estate.

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Dr Joanna McMillan