Management of the cow’s milk allergic infant with prebiotics and probiotics (synbiotics)

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Professional development hours are applicable for Australian Continuing Education Requirements.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide Dietitians with more information about paediatric allergy management with elemental formula containing prebiotics/probiotics for practical application in their clinical practice.

Learning Objectives: 
After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

• Explain the concept of dysbiosis and how inappropriate immune responses contribute to paediatric allergy

• Explain how to manage cow’s milk allergy with specialised formula, including extensively hydrolysed and amino acid formula

• Define how prebiotics and probiotics work together as synbiotics

• Discuss the emerging synbiotic evidence to support the dietary management of conditions associated with dysbiosis of gut microbiota i.e. Cow’s milk allergy

Presented by:

Karina Savage is a leading Paediatric Dietitian (& Accredited Sports Dietitian) from Smartbite Nutrition Consulting.
Karina specialises in Paediatric GI conditions such as food allergy, intolerance, colic and IBS. She has over 15 years clinical experience in the area, including research and publications. Karina is a mum herself and loves helping parents manage tricky little tummies. Being a leader in her field, Karina regularly presents to health professionals and also works with media, providing expert comment.

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Presented By
Karina Savage
Professional Development
Duration1 hour