Leveraging your expertise to create additional income streams

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The world is changing. Quickly! To keep up, we need to adapt. I often hear “there is no work in dietetics”. How is this true, if there is still so much work to be done? It’s true that traditional roles are reducing, but with the skills and knowledge that dietitians have, there is no reason to be confined by the boundaries of tradition. Rather than feeling threatened, dietitians can embrace change in how they work, who they work with and what they do. actively seek different referral sources and embrace new opportunities that are out of our comfort zone.
This webinar will look at how you can leverage your expertise to create additional income streams. This is useful for entrepreneurial dietitians, as well as experienced dietitians who want to create a passion project.
Tara will provide insight into, and practicalities of creating additional income streams.
* Future proofing your work and business.
* Strategies other health professionals have used to develop innovative products or publish best selling books.
* How to partner with others to leverage your expertise.
* Expectations of funding partners when working with companies or applying for grants/tenders.
* How to evaluate the benefit of potential referral sources.
* Introduction to setting up systems to manage your income streams.
Presenter: Tara Diversi
Tara Diversi has tried almost all areas of dietetic practice and loved the variety that has stemmed from her dietetic training and experiences. Equipped with two psychology degrees and an MBA to complement her dietetic degree, she now works mostly in business consulting, teaching at Bond University and completing her PhD. She is also the National dietetic advisor to DVA and weight loss expert for Women’s Health. Tara has previously forged a successful career in private practice, public speaking and media writing. She was a past media spokesperson for DAA, past board member of SDA and past convenor of DIPSIG. Now Tara lives in Cairns on a cattle property, balances her work with looking after her cheeky little girl and trying to understand as much about cattle nutrition as she knows about human nutrition. Tara is also completing her PhD in marketing at Deakin University