Lactose intolerance – the evidence and translating science into practice

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Webinar Description:

The aim is to provide dietitians and nutrition professionals with up to date scientific information about lactose maldigestion and lactose intolerance, with the aim of translating the science into practice.

Professor Dennis Savaiano will discuss lactose maldigestion and intolerance from a science perspective including:

1. What is lactose maldigestion and what influences our ability to digest lactose?

2. What are the true symptoms of lactose intolerance?

3. The role of lactose in the diet – benefits as a prebiotic

4. Role of colonic flora

5. Dietary management of lactose maldigestion

6. Implications of restricting dairy foods on health outcomes

7. Implications for dietitians in practice

8. What dietitians currently recommend in lactose intolerance

Presented by: 

Professor Dennis Savaiano from Purdue University is a world expert on lactose digestion, having researched the area for the past 30 years. His research, including a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine, has influenced dietary recommendations relating to lactose around the world, including the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines.

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