How to get that job webinar series

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Continuing Education(USA)
Duration5 hours
CPEUs Awarded
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Take steps today to land a job that excites you. Whether you’re about to graduate, or you’re mid-career and seeking a change, you hold the power to transform your professional life.


Dietitian Connection can help steer you in the right direction with our  How to get that job webinar series.

Previously a live event; 100% of students rated the workshop as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’, with more than 65% rating it as excellent.

Feedback from attendees last year:
  • The content of the workshop was highly valuable and filled with many take home messages. There were action points provided that could be applied during the job hunt, but also whilst I am still studying. Both positive and negative examples were provided which made the presenters realistic and worked well to assure us that everyone is human.

  • An honest, well put together and insightful workshop that I would consider essential for dietetic students, graduates and even professionals looking to refresh their job seeking skills.

  • I would highly recommend. I found it extremely beneficial compared to other job workshops because it is specific to dietetics. It allowed me to identify specific aspects of my resume and selection criteria responses that I could improve to ensure that my application stands out from the crowd. The interview tips were invaluable and it was great that they included advice on what to do before, during and after the interview.

This series covers:

• Performing under pressure: intense interview preparation, including mock interview practice, to help you ace those tough questions

• Communicating like a champion: ensuring any job-related communications showcase you in your best light, from cover letters to applications, to phone calls of inquiry and followup

• Creating a compelling brand story: identifying your unique strengths, and presenting them in a compelling and consistent matter to potential employers

 Identifying your career path: determining what jobs are best suited for your ability, for where you want to go and for the current job market conditions

• Leveraging your network: maximising professional networking tools so that you can cast a wider net of opportunities – and enable others to help you find that job

…and much more.


Learn from the best

This series is presented by our founder and director: Maree Ferguson, along with Rhiannon Barnes: Program Manager Clinical Education & Training, Queensland. Their combined years of experience – and strong track records of professional success and advancement – will be at your disposal, as you build the framework for your next career move.


Don’t spend another hour wishing you were in another job. At a cost of just $90,  you’ll be making an investment in yourself – with rewards to reap in the future.
Presented By
Maree Ferguson & Rhiannon Barnes