How to get that job – Brisbane

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Our workshops will cover:

• Performing under pressure: intense interview preparation, including mock interview practice, to help you ace those tough questions

• Communicating like a champion: ensuring any job-related communications showcase you in your best light, from cover letters to applications, to phone calls of inquiry and followup

• Creating a compelling brand story: identifying your unique strengths, and presenting them in a compelling and consistent matter to potential employers

 Identifying your career path: determining what jobs are best suited for your ability, for where you want to go and for the current job market conditions

• Leveraging your network: maximising professional networking tools so that you can cast a wider net of opportunities – and enable others to help you find that job

…and much more, in a small-group, hands-on setting with lots of individual feedback.

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There will be no refunds after 26 Oct 2017.

Professional Development
Duration4 hours