How can you meet protein requirements in the ICU?

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This presentation will provide insight into the current evidence for protein provision in critically ill patients and highlight the gaps in knowledge. It will provide a summary of known data relating to the effect of protein on muscle synthesis and breakdown. Importantly it will provide clinicians with practical ways to meet protein requirements in critically ill patients, including some learning from conducting a RCT to deliver greater amount of enteral protein.

Our webinar objectives are: 
1. Understand the current evidence for protein provision in critically ill patients
2. Understand the impact of protein on muscle mass and strength
3. Understand practical ways to meet higher protein requirements in critically ill patients

About the presenter: Kate Fetterplace 

Kate Fetterplace is a Senior Dietitian at Royal Melbourne Hospital and specialises in Critical Care nutrition and Nutrition Support. She is a PhD Candidate at La Trobe University recently completed a pilot randomises control trial titled “Targeted Full Energy and Protein Delivery in Critically ill Patients”. Her main areas of interest are protein provision, muscle mass and how nutrition can influence functional outcomes for patients.

A copy of the presentation can be found here.

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Kate Fetterplace
Professional Development
Duration1 hour