Fibre and the gut microbiome: understanding the role of dietary fibre in gut health

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Fibre: it’s so critical to gut health, and yet so often misunderstood.
For starters, the term “fibre” is used broadly to cover numerous different compounds. What’s more, our current dietary guidelines offer recommends for daily grams of fibre – but the latest research says this is just too simplistic.

This webinar‘s key purpose is to clear up confusion and get you up to speed on all things fibre.
You’ll review the different types of fibre, including resistant starch; the role of fibres as prebiotics; and their influence on the gut microbiome. You’ll be briefed on the latest research on fibre. Then we’ll send you off with an update on the new Freedom Foods range, Barley+, which incorporates the CSIRO-developed fibre-enhanced BARLEYmax.

Our webinar objectives are: 
1. Learn the NHMRC fibre intake recommendations and the ADG whole grain intake recommendations for Australians.

2. Walk through the different functions, complexity and diverse outcomes of the various types of fibre.

3. Understand the concept of dietary fibre prebiotics and their influence on the microbiota, and implications for both physical and mental health.

About the presenter: Dr Joanna McMillan

Scottish-born Dr Joanna McMillan is a PhD qualified dietitian and one of Australia’s favourite nutrition and healthy lifestyle experts. She is a regular on television, radio and print media, an experienced International and TEDx speaker, director of Dr Joanna and founder of the online lifestyle change program Get Lean. Joanna has authored several books, with the latest Get Lean Stay Lean just published.

A copy of the presentation can be accessed here.

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Dr Joanna McMillan
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