Dietitian Success Package from Matt O’Neill

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Continuing Education(USA)
Duration5 hours
CPEUs Awarded
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An instantly accessible resource & webinar package for your success.

Have you got a nutrition idea or business in mind? Do you want to break through the clutter and compete more effectively, right now?

Here’s some help from a dietitian who has done it and is now sharing his knowledge, know-how and resources with you.

Know-how and tools to shine

“At Dietitian Connection I know that time-saving resources, fast-track strategies and expert insight can help you build your Dietitian profile, your services or your business. And that sometimes you need a nudge to make things happen.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Matt O’Neill, Dietitian and entrepreneur from SmartShape to bring you the best elements of mentoring, business coaching and dietetic industry insight – all in a package that’s energising and easy to use!”  – Maree Ferguson

A simple model to help you shine

star updateI’ve been impressed with Matt’s user-friendly SuperStar Model for professional or business development, which provides the knowledge and know-how to 1. Inspire, 2. Motivate, 3. Manage, 4. Reward and 5. Retain clients.

Whether you want to boost your profile, launch a nutrition program/service or expand your business, this package will help you make it happen sooner and more effectively, saving you what could be thousands of dollars in wasted time and effort.

You’ll quickly learn what can take decades to discover. And the feeling of greater professional confidence is priceless.

What’s included?
  • Planning questionnaire to generate and build nutrition products or business ideas.
  • Five one-hour webinar recordings with Matt as your guide and coach.
  • Slides, worksheets and actions points for each webinar.
  • CPD quiz for each webinar.
  • Resource list with over 150 go-to books, digital tools and time-saving apps.
    The resource list alone represents great value to make your job easier or your nutrition business more rewarding.

What could you achieve?

You choose your focus with this package – profile, program or business – so it’s meaningful to you.

You may be:

  • A new graduate seeking to jump the queue to success
  • A private practise dietitian looking for more clients
  • A nutritionist developing an online program or app
  • A media spokesperson desiring a bigger profile
  • A food industry consultant building brand or campaign

What do the webinars cover?

Webinar 1 – Inspire your audience

Opportunities and realities in the nutrition marketplace

What really inspires the public & colleagues to listen to you

How to turn your passion into a unique point of difference


Webinar 2 – Motivate your market

  • Which hot buttons make people want dietary advice
  • How to package nutrition into services that sell
  • What to do to get buy-in, payments and contracts


Webinar 3 – Manage your customers

  • How to market to contacts and clients in the digital age
  • Which software and apps open new opportunities
  • When to outsource tasks to get more done


Webinar 4 – Reward your clients

  • How to energise people to eat well with natural rewards
  • When to gamify healthy eating to make it more fun
  • How to manage your own balance and rewards


Webinar 5 – Retain your fans

  • How to keep paying clients for longer
  • When to partner with others for mutual benefit
  • How to get people to recommend you more often


Each webinar features case studies and practical examples.

What dietitians are saying about this package

“Thanks Matt & Maree. This first webinar was great! Despite being part of the nutrition industry for many years I still got so much out of it. Like so many dietitians I’ve been increasingly frustrated by others encroaching on our area of expertise and loved your challenge to us to ponder the reality and leverage the system to our advantage instead. I look forward more pearls of wisdom in the webinars to come.” – Alison Patterson, APD

“Matt was extremely generous with information and advice – and the best part is that he understands how to apply his business acumen in the health professional world. I’d highly recommend Matt’s services to anyone needing to get some clarity & direction with their dietetic business.” – Sally Garrard, Accredited Sports Dietitian

“Matt’s superstar package is about coaching us to be more than “just dietitians”. Since engaging with the content, my brain is booming with new tools and the inside scoop on how to start and then build my personal brand. I’ve developed a deeper understanding of the why, the how and the what of running a successful nutrition business as well as using this as a coaching tool. Matt has impressed me and challenged me to go further!” – Kate Agnew, APD

“I’ve found the Superstar Coaching Package to have been the push I needed to put things in motion.” – Jennifer Issakov

Cost and CPD

Your Dietitian Success Package is only $99 inc GST and includes five hours on self-assessed CPD for your DAA APD log.

About Matt O’Neill

Matt is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Director of the SmartShape Centre for Weight Management. Since being one the first graduates with dual exercise science and dietetic qualifications in 1993, he has gained valuable experience and insights as; Fitness Trainer for Medifit, Senior Food Policy Officer at the Australian Consumers’ Association, Weight Loss Coach for Men’s Health Magazine, Dietitian for elite rugby teams, Consultant to weight loss and food companies, University lecturer, Dietetic student supervisor, Seminar presenter in eight countries, TV regular and entrepreneur.

SmartShape, which he founded in 2000 delivers training and resources for health professionals and his own weight management program, Metabolic Jumpstart has attracted over 25,000 participants and 70 Official Partners.

Matt has a gifted ability to educate and inspire, with an energising and infectious presentation style.