Creating compelling communication to cut through the clutter

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Today we lead an increasingly digitalized lifestyle. We consume online information quickly – and move on.

How quickly? Well, the notoriously slack goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds – whereas the average person only lasts just 8 seconds!

So: how do you cut through the clutter and reach your key audiences on social media within that very tight window of opportunity?

Social media expert Mel Kettle lives in this space every day, and knows. In this webinar, she will teach you how to creatively connect, using social media. Mel will also share relevant examples and practical advice to help you better position yourself as an authority in a crowded space. Make the most of those 8 seconds!

Our webinar objectives are: 

  • Create social media posts that will be liked, commented on and shared
  • Learn the three best ways to grab attention with your social media posts
  • Understand the importance of authenticity
  • Recognise why video is so important
  • Learn how to create and edit short videos using your smartphone.

About the presenter:

 Mel Kettle is a communication and social media expert, speaker, author, trainer and mentor. She works closely with CEOs, thought leaders, associations and businesses to help them communicate effectively and authentically so they attract, retain and engage their customers and clients.


Mel has over 20 years’ professional experience, a Master of Business (Marketing), a Master of Public Health, and she is a past Board member of the International Association of Business Communicators (Queensland) and The Queensland Choir.







Presented By
Mel Kettle
Professional Development
Duration1 hour