Creativity in cooking with pantry staples

Date & Time
Continuing Education (USA)
Duration1 hour
CPEUs Awarded1
Performance Indicators8.4.1, 8.4.2
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About the webinar:

Over the last couple of months, Australians have become used to seeing empty shelves in their local supermarkets. While it’s extremely unlikely that we would ever encounter a genuine food crisis, limitations on the purchase of staple ingredients has led Australians to ponder the culinary possibilities of their pantries.

In this webinar, Advanced APD, food scientist, gastronomist and culinary nutritionist Emma Stirling explores innovative ways to approach your pantry. Emma shares her expertise and culinary creativity, providing tips for you and your clients for stand-by solutions using the things that we have on hand. You’ll leave with ideas for how to be creative and adapt to make use of what you have, so that we can all turn to the stove for comfort, enjoyment and nourishment.


About the speaker:

Emma Stirling, Advanced APD, is the Director of Scoop Nutrition consultancy and an academic at La Trobe University specialising in food science, gastronomy and culinary nutrition. Emma is recognised as one of Australia’s innovative, entrepreneurial and leading Accredited Practising Dietitians in the areas of food and culinary nutrition and effective nutrition communication. An early pioneer of social media her blog Scoop Nutrition won the prestigious BUPA Best Healthy Eating Blog award 2014 along with establishing mentoring for over 30 dietitians and over 100 members of the Storehouse Blog Directory. She is a well-recognised media commentator and nutrition writer and recently published her first academic textbook, Understanding the Science of Food: From molecules to mouthfeel.


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Emma Stirling