Dr Anne Voss has had nothing short of an incredible career: from starting out in a hospital and working her way into research, to completing her PhD and most recently, editing the 2nd edition of Oncology Nutrition for Clinical Practice. In this podcast, Maree Ferguson sits down with Anne to discuss her remarkable career journey, including a stint where they got to work together at a medical nutrition company. Anne explains why she is so passionate about oncology and shares the many challenges she has overcome (and learnt from!) along the way.


Dr Anne Voss writes, speaks and consults on oncology nutrition following a career in nutrition research at Abbott Nutrition. Dr. Voss has experience in the creation of international nutrition guidelines for pressure ulcers, renal disease and oncology. She served on the Oncology Evidence Analysis Library, the Council on Research for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,and edited the just published Oncology Nutrition for Clinical Practice, 2nd edition. Dr. Voss worked for The Ohio State University College of Medicine and as a clinical dietitian at University Hospitals, and Johns Hopkins Hospital. She has published over 75 journal articles, monographs, and book chapters, and is listed in Who’s Who in the World. Dr. Voss earned her undergraduate degree in Medical Dietetics and a PhD in nutritional biochemistry from The Ohio State University. She received the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Distinguished Practice Award, The Ohio State University Distinguished Alumni Award, a President’s Award, and a Luminary Award from Abbott Laboratories.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • The reason Anne became a dietitian and how she got started in dietetics
  • Why Anne finds working in oncology so rewarding
  • The process of developing an Oral Nutrition Supplement for oncology patients that was sold internationally
  • How Anne recruited a research team of dietitians from around the world
  • Anne’s tips for creating a positive work culture in her team
  • Maree and Anne’s advice for dietitians at the beginning of their career
  • The personal attributes Anne believes contributed to her incredible success

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