Are you frustrated with your clients unnecessarily removing entire food groups?

During this podcast, we delve into food group avoidance and self – (or Dr Google) diagnosis, with the help of a behavioural scientist, researcher and author. We’ll investigate the drivers of self-diagnosis, and why clients are self-prescribing their own nutrition treatment like food group restriction, the nutritional implications and the ACTIONS we can take as evidence-based health professionals to tackle this issue.

About our speaker: Dr Sinead Golley from CSIRO, Australia, is a behavioural scientist and researcher who specialises in understanding the drivers of food choice, particularly when it comes to food avoidance and restrictive diets.

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For 30mins assessed-CPD*

Additional links:

  • Thinking about going wheatfree? Evidence of nutritional inadequacies in the dietary practices of wheat avoiders. Click here to view [Nutrition & Dietetics].
  • Food avoidance in an Australian adult population sample: the case of dairy products. Click here to view [via Public Health Nutrition]
  • Managing symptoms and health through self-prescribed restrictive diets: What can general practitioners learn from the phenomenon of wheat avoidance? Click here to view [via Australian Family Physician].

*CPD hours are applicable for Australian and New Zealand dietitians. Check your local country requirements to see if you can claim for continuing education.

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