Buckle up for an hour of power with the ever-inspiring Professor Clare Collins. In this episode, Clare shares why she wanted to become a dietitian and walks us through her spectacular career to date. From her first experiences in the workforce to her current role in nutrition research and her burning passion to write about nutrition, you’ll leave feeling more motivated than ever to keep working hard towards the career of your dreams. With an impressive resume working with the media, Clare also offers her best tips for dietitians wanting to break into this space and make their mark with journalists. Prepare to feel inspired – this is one episode you do not want to miss!


Clare Collins is a Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics, Director of Research for the School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Health and Medicine and Deputy Director of the Priority Research Centre in Physical Activity and Nutrition at the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia. She currently holds a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Senior Research Fellowship. Professor Collins is a Fellow of the Dietitians Association of Australian (DAA). She worked as a clinical paediatric dietitian at John Hunter Children’s Hospital, Newcastle, NSW for over 20 years. Professor Collins’ current research focus include the conduct of systematic reviews and studies using smart technologies to assess of dietary intake, evaluate the impact of nutrition interventions on eating patterns, weight and health across key life stages and chronic health conditions.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Clare’s inspiration to become a dietitian
  • The various roles she’s held and her career highlights 
  • Her success in the media, including her role at The Conversation
  • Her tips for making it in the media
  • Her experiences working in research
  • The importance of having good mentors 
  • Why all dietitians should give back to the profession

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