Cholesterol: the facts

What’s included:
✓ Cholesterol basics
✓ Four steps to lowering cholesterol, naturally
✓ Cholesterol facts and myth busting

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Gluten free diet

What’s included:
✓ Guide to gluten containing foods
✓ Guide to gluten free foods
✓ 7 tips to minimise risk of cross contamination


What’s included:
✓ Potential causes of constipation
✓ Bristol Stool Chart and what to aim for
✓ 6 tips to get things moving


What’s included:
✓ What is calcium?
✓ Dairy myth busting
✓ Calcium-rich food and drinks

Lactose intolerance

What’s included:
✓ What is lactose?
✓ Lactose myth busting
✓ Tips for managing a low lactose diet


What’s included:
✓ Tips for a healthy pregnancy
✓ Pregnancy food safety
✓ Pregnancy-friendly day on a plate

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