Top tips from the Dieitian Day 2016, Executive Leadership Panel

(Dietitians: Sally Evans, Marie Sardie, and Helen Ringrose)

•  Broaden your knowledge – keep learning and embrace new technology

•  Find mentors and supporters and surround yourself with like-minded people

•  Be open to and seize opportunities – takes risks and don’t be scared to make mistakes and when you do, fix them quickly, learn from them and then move on

•  Surround yourself with the best – you can’t be an expert in everything!

•  Develop networks and make yourself visible

•  Form partnerships, joint ventures and make allies – looking for common ground.

•  Work as a team, respecting and understanding the roles of all parties involved.

•  Be an active listener – learn the language and jargon of those you seek to influence so that you can articulate their interests

•  Communicate clearly – check that you have been understood to avoid misconceptions and be consistent in your messaging

•  Be single-minded on issues you wish to tackle, making sure you are doing this for the right purpose and making the right decisions and taking it to the end.

•  Be positive about food, tap into the enjoyment of food and consider the place where people are living their lives and making decisions.

Veronique Droulez, Meat & Livestock Australia

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