Wise words from Daniel Flynn, cofounder of Thankyou


Have you heard about Thankyou water? Maybe you’ve seen Thankyou soap in a restroom or Thankyou cereal in the supermarket? Thankyou is a social enterprise. It produces everyday ‘staple’ items for Australians to purchase but with 100% of the profits going to life-changing projects. The projects are conducted in poverty stricken areas, to provide basic needs such as water, sanitation and hygiene to those in need.

Thankyou has been a topic of conversation in the DC headquarters. We think cofounder, author and multiple award-winner, Daniel Flynn, has a lot to teach us about challenging the status quo, doing things differently and empowering yourself and those around you. Throughout his book (called Chapter One), Daniel leaves us with some take-away thoughts based on the lessons he has learned over his journey…


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1. Have you ever watched a toddler or young child? To them, everything seems possible and they ask countless questions about the world! Let yourself dream, ask questions and take on challenges.


2. Some may be quick to disregard your ideas because they go against the status quo or they disrupt what an experienced professional deems viable. If you have an idea, ask yourself “what if it works?” And then don’t just talk – turn this into action. Find like-minded individuals who are inspired by your ideas and get them on your team!


3. Every setback/hiccup/”spanner in the works” teaches us something. Don’t be afraid to fail. Find the learning curve and ask yourself “what have I learnt from this?”
Create this culture in your life and in your team.


4. Tried and tested; sometimes you have to “jump in and learn how to swim later.” You can’t expect to know everything when you first start a job or project but you’ll learn along the way!


5. No matter how prepared you are, there will be moments where things don’t go according to plan. The secret is to prepare but be flexible; be able to adapt and find solutions in the moment.


6. Don’t just get busy making money. Patience, longevity and a focus on gaining momentum are important when building your dream.


7. Stop and take a moment to celebrate your success. There will always be more to do but you have to acknowledge what you’ve done!


Thankyou has a quote on their office wall that says “we rise by lifting others”.


With this in mind, what type of nutrition leader do you want to be?



Kate Agnew, new graduate dietitian & Dietitian Connection Communications Assistant




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