Below are some tools to help you plan your career path

1.  Identifying your strengths using the tools below

The VIA Survey-120 is just one tool available for individuals and professionals around the world to use. The VIA Survey-120 is a revised version of the original VIA-IS which was developed by renowned psychologist, Christopher Peterson, Ph.D. as a 240 item, scientifically validated, questionnaire that provided a rank order of an adult’s 24 character strengths.

The StandOut Assessment measures how well you match 9 roles and reveals your primary Role and secondary Role. These top two roles are the focal point of all your talent and skills. They represent your instinctive way of making a difference in the world.

2.  Identifying your unique strengths and creating your elevator speech to market brand YOU using the personal marketing plan template

Words of wisdom:

– have initiative

– capitalise on unique strengths

– give it a go

– make most of opportunities

– seek great mentors

– dream big

Need more help in identifying your unique strengths and standing out from the crowd? Check out Dietitian Connection’s coaching service or How to get that job coaching here

Planning your career path DAA Workshop final

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