I recently attended The Science of Weight Management course over three days in Melbourne. I initially chose to attend this course as one of my greatest frustrations, even as an experienced Dietitian, is the difficulty in assisting clients achieving their weight loss goals.


After completing this course I now feel as though I have a whole new toolkit I can access when managing this client group. The course breaks down all the reasons behind weight gain and gives real, practical solutions about how to go about weight loss. Many solutions are very prescriptive and give Dietitians the facts on how to help clients achieve their goals.  I left the week end with increased confidence with using evidence-based tools such as pharmacotherapy, increasing energy expenditure, meal replacements and weight loss surgery. 


Although I attended the course to improve my knowledge and skills, I have to admit that it was great to spend a few days enjoying the Melbourne restaurant-scene and getting to know some other Dietitians.  I now have a new network of APDs that I can contact for advice and ideas. 


I genuinely wish I had of completed this course years ago and I would recommend it to all Dietitians, including new graduates and those with years of experience. 


Berni Thomas, APD Warrnambool Victoria





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