Why did you start blogging? 

I’ve always loved keeping up-to-date with goings on in the world, so the spark for starting my own blog was my passion for explaining new trends, ideas and misconceptions to anybody who would listen. My friends would come to me with questions regarding new diets and superfoods, and I would delight in responding with a no-nonsense, simple explanation. 

Since starting my blog I’ve become acutely aware of the plethora of poor quality, widely accessible nutrition information and advice on the Internet; through my blog, I try to take on and dispel some of these misconceptions.


What does your blog cover?

I like to think the voice of my blog reflects my personality – in the know, up-to-date, and always slightly sceptical!

Addressing new trends and developments in the nutrition world is what gets me excited. 

I learned the hard way that speaking out on hot issues is a sure fire way to get the trolls talking, when I hit publish on a critique of David Gillespie’s Toxic Oil – probably a bit ambitious for my second blog post!

I also like to use blogging as a way to advocate for and explain what it is that Dietitians do, and, when need be, stick up for the profession – as I did the day of Pete Evans’ notorious facebook rant.

At times I like to write on lighter and more personal topics. Recipes, product reviews and holiday musings – ‘5 of the best Melbourne cafes for specialty diets’ still gets daily hits!


Felicity Curtain is a nutritionist and current Master’s student at LaTrobe University, where she is studying Dietetics.  With a passion for exposing food myths and dissecting topical and controversial issues in nutrition, Felicity strives to showcase the simplicity of healthy eating, without the need for fad diets or expensive ‘superfoods’. Having already garnered experience in writing for various digital and print media outlets, Felicity plans to work someday in the field of nutrition communication. Connect with Felicity on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin!