By Susie Burrell
 A couple of weeks ago I was having a conversation with a colleague when they spoke of attracting ‘good’ people into their workplace. Indeed, like attracts like, and there is no doubt that seeking out high energy, positive people should be a mantra for all of us as we seek to live our best lives.
The irony of this is that often we do have good people around us, but have failed to take the time to see that and appreciate them. Family members, old friends, the barista who makes our daily coffee – people who are already in our lives but whom we take for granted.
So if you feel that you could do with some more meaning in your day to day life, maybe it is time to take stock and consider what you really have. A single phone call to a distant family member, or taking a few minutes to chat to someone you already work with may be all you need to find the people that you have been seeking.
We are so distracted by our devices and social media that we forget how powerful basic human interaction can be. You only have to take a quick look around any restaurant or café to see how distracted people are with their mobile phones. While this may be deemed acceptable in working hours, in precious family down time is can be an unwelcome distraction to natural interpersonal interactions with our partners, family and friends.
Create space on a daily basis by committing to mobile/social media free time.  Get into the habit of not taking the phone or laptop to bed and remember your old fashioned manners by not using a phone while you are out for dinner or catching up with friends. Not only will you find yourself more present and mindful but the quality of communication and of your relationships in general will improve exponentially. 

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