Am I Hungry? is a well-established and highly-respected provider of mindful eating workshops and professional training. Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Workshops are offered in corporate, clinical, and community settings. They are led by trained and icensed facilitators in a live, interactive group format. Facilitator Training is online and self-paced ( The Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Workshop curriculum is based on the Mindful Eating Cycle developed by Am I Hungry? founder, Michelle May, M.D. They employ cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based strategies to identify and resolve the mindless and emotional eating habits that sabotage most attempts at sustainable lifestyle change. Moving far beyond the obvious advice of “eat less, exercise more,” the Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Workshops build self-efficacy and sustainable healthy lifestyles without requiring a rigid, unsustainable routine. This comprehensive program guides participants to: – re-establish hunger as the primary cue for eating – increase awareness of satiety as “portion control” in any setting – recognize and address triggers for overeating – learn to balance eating for nourishment with eating for enjoyment – eat mindfully with intention and attention – discover vitality and joy in physical activity – care for the body, mind, heart, and spirit more effectively

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