Your safe zone – DC connects you with the student dietitian network; job opportunities, employment tips, pre-graduation strategies and resources to help you become a rising star.

Dietitian Connection keeps me motivated with my studies and in touch with up to date research and what is going on in the media. – member

Here are some resources, specifically for student dietitians, to get you started with exploring the DC website:

Infuse Digital Magazine

Infuse digital magazine features original articles with business and leadership insights from leading experts in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the dietetics profession and get inspired as we chat to the dietitians who are changing our world. Being digital, you can access Infuse anytime and anywhere from your smart phone or desktop. Happy reading! CLICK HERE TO READ

Get the Job You Love Online Course

Welcome to the tips and tricks that nobody tells you. We have over 40 years of combined interviewing experience, reading thousands of applications and interviewing hundreds of amazing potential employees. Now we’re sharing the hints, tips and tricks with YOU! This step-by-step course takes you through your entire job search process with 5 hours of video lessons, quiz checklistsworkbooks, job application templates, mock interviews, an example and critique of a real applicationcommon questions and MORE! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Stop struggling and get the job you love

How can you stand out from other applicants? How do you identify jobs that are a good fit for you? What’s the best way to approach the application process? In this podcast, Kate Agnew interviews DC founder Maree Ferguson for her key tips on getting the job you love. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW

Networking: we teach you how to crush it!

Does the thought of striking up a conversation with a stranger make you feel anxious? If your answer is “YES”, our FREE e-book on networking is for you. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW

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