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Yes, it's a pun - and yes, it's a food pun. We chose it on purpose!

When we digest food, as dietitians well know, we break it down into substances that can be absorbed and used by our bodies. In creating Digest, we aim to break nutrition information down into easy-to-digest, plain-language bites that can be consumed by your clients.

Say hello to your new marketing team


Have you always wanted to send an e-newsletter to your clients, but just don't have the time or resources to do it? Think about it: you’d need:

  • a talented graphic designer
  • a creative writer
  • a dietitian
  • a data-savvy pro

That's where Digest comes in. Digest delivers an entire marketing team, in one package – but without the cost of hiring a marketing team.

Think about the return on investment:

  • If you currently spend an hour a week on marketing collateral – say, 4 hours a month, at an average hourly rate of $50 – that’s 4 x $50 = $200 a month.
  • Our introductory rate for Digest is just $29 a month.

    After the introductory period, the monthly rate is still a low $49.

  • The real value is the return of valuable time into your week – time that you can reinvest in ways to invigorate your business and life.

It's as easy as...


The simple Digest software lets you create professional e-newsletters - in just three steps.
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Use your brand's look

Use our simple customisation tools to design an e-newsletter that reflects your brand's marketing. Add your logo, images, updates specific to your practice and a personalised introduction.

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Drop in content

Our dietitian-vetted library contains articles, recipes and high-quality images on a wide range of sought-after topics. Choose the content that you know your client base cares about, then drop it into your custom e-newsletter framework.

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Hit send

When you're happy with your e-newsletter, just click send and it will be delivered to your clients as a seamless extension of your brand. Then sit back and watch as you grow your brand.

Use your brand's look (2)

Your clients - and your accountant - will thank you.


Using Digest is a win-win for both you and your business.

For clients, it’s a value add. They receive valuable information they can trust, and turn to for later reference, as an extension of their sessions with you.

For your business, using Digest will help free up time, so you can focus on other priorities to grow your brand. It’s also valuable for retaining clients -- or, choose to add prospects to your distribution list, to showcase what you can offer.

If you’re a data-cruncher – and is there a dietitian who isn’t? – you’ll also enjoy the free analytics we provide on your e-newsletters, including open rates. In the future, we’ll also be able to tell you the most popular articles in our library, the best send-out time and more.


But wait: is Digest right for my business?


Do any of these descriptions sound like you? If so, then Digest could be the solution you’ve been looking for:

  • Dietitian seeking to rebrand or enter the digital space
  • Dietitian looking to grow a business or take it to the next level
  • Dietitian with well-established email database seeking a value-add
  • Time-poor dietitian
  • Hospital Dietitians


Don't just take our word for it. 


Savvy marketers know: e-newsletters are more effective than using social media. If you’re not currently sending one out, you’re missing a valuable channel for reaching clients and prospective clients, using a platform they’re comfortable with and turning to consistently.

Stats that back this up: “Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.” [Source: McKinsey]


What are you waiting for?


Subscribe to Digest and you’ll instantly have a new “marketing team” at your disposal. So, stop trying to do it all yourself, and put Digest – your personal marketing team – to work.

Images in our library courtesy of Nina Mills, Jennifer Schmidt and Pat Hinton.

Thank you to Glenn Mackintosh of Weight Management Psychology and Dr Tim Crowe (Thinking Nutrition) for contributing to the content library.


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