What’s included:✓ What is gout?✓ High purine foods to reduce or avoid✓ Other considerations for …

Diverticular disease

What’s included:✓ What is diverticular disease?✓ Diverticulosis vs diverticulitis✓ Day on a plate for diverticulitis …


What’s included:✓ Benefits of fibre✓ High fibre foods✓ Fibre-filled day on a plate

Fussy eating

What’s included:✓ Tips for managing fussy eaters Supported by Pediasure


What’s included:✓ The importance of carbohydrates✓ What foods contain carbohydrates✓ Which carbohydrates to eat more …

Mindful eating

What’s included:✓ What is mindful eating?✓ The hunger and fullness scale✓ Mindful eating activity

Vegan and vegetarian diets

What’s included:✓ Definition of vegetarian and vegan diets✓ Examples of plant-based proteins✓ Nutrients to keep …


What’s included:✓ What is sodium✓ High sodium foods✓ Lower sodium alternative foods

Portion sizes

What’s included:✓ Examples of portion sizes from the five food groups✓ Recommended number of serves …


What’s included:✓ The role of protein✓ Protein requirements✓ Protein-packed day on a plate

Weight loss

What’s included:✓ Importance of sustainable weight management✓ Nutrition tips for successful weight loss✓ Weight loss day on …


What’s included:✓ What is malnutrition✓ Who is at risk?✓ Foods to beat malnutrition Supported by …

High protein and/or high energy

What’s included:✓ Why High Protein High Energy (HPHE)?✓ Simple ways to boost protein and energy in main meals with pictures✓ HPHE snack …

COVID-19 myth busting

A new wave of COVID-19 cures and defences has hit our social media feeds in recent weeks. Using this resource, you’ll …


What’s included:✓ The role of iron✓ Iron requirements✓ High iron foods

Protein counter

What’s included:✓ Importance of protein✓ Food sources of protein✓ Protein content of different foods

Nutrition for wound healing

What’s included:✓ The role of nutrition in wound healing✓ Key nutrients for wound healing✓ Arginine …


What’s included:✓ What is GORD?✓ Can diet impact GORD?✓ Strategies to reduce GORD symptoms

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