Gut Health Patient Resources

Constipation What’s included:✓ Potential causes of constipation✓ Bristol Stool Chart and what to aim for✓ …

Gut Health Resources • Patient Resources • Products • Resources • 7 Jul 2020
General Nutrition Patient Resources

Cholesterol: the facts What’s included:✓ Cholesterol basics✓ Four steps to lowering cholesterol, naturally✓ Cholesterol facts and myth …

General Nutrition Resources • Patient Resources • Products • Resources • 2 Jul 2020
Seasonal Patient Resources

COVID-19 myth busting A new wave of COVID-19 cures and defences has hit our social media …

Patient Resources • Products • Resources • Seasonal Patient Resources • 1 Jul 2020
Nutrition Support Patient Resources

High protein and/or high energy What’s included:✓ Why High Protein High Energy (HPHE)?✓ Simple ways to …

Nutrition Support Resources • Patient Resources • Products • Resources • 1 Jul 2020
Gut Health Online Symposium

In this Gut Health Symposium – supported by Microba – we’re bringing you five key …

Online Courses • Products • 14 Apr 2020
Clinical Nutrition Online Symposium

In our first ever Online Clinical Nutrition symposium, we’re bringing you the best speakers, hottest topics …

Online Courses • Products • 12 Mar 2019
Beat the Instagram Algorithm

Learn how to quickly grow thousands of real, engaged Instagram followers Rachel Paul (@collegenutritionist) and …

Apps/technology • Online Courses • Other Products • 25 Jul 2018
Kids Next Knife (age 6+)

For kids in the kitchen with a bit more experience, this knife cuts food, not …

Other Products • 5 Sep 2017
Kids First Knife (age 2+)

“Tell me and I forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I …

Other Products • 5 Sep 2017
Eat Colourful Meal Planner

FOOST has created a COLOURFUL and fun Shopping list and meal planner to help with …

Other Products • 5 Sep 2017

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