The Mater Personalised Pregnancy Weight Tracker© is an evidence-based resource developed to support healthy lifestyles during pregnancy. This easy-to-use tool takes the guess-work out of weight gain during pregnancy by allowing women to track their weight gain each week against international and Australian guidelines. Studies show that when a woman knows how much weight to gain during her pregnancy AND is provided with continual feedback about how she is progressing, she is more likely to gain an appropriate amount of weight.


Why track weight gain?

Monitoring weight gain during pregnancy is important for women’s health and that of their baby’s. Women who gain weight above recommendations are more likely to have longer hospital stays, caesarean sections, high blood pressure and diabetes in pregnancy. They are also more likely to have trouble losing this weight after their baby is born and have difficulty breastfeeding. Women who do not gain enough weight are more likely to deliver their baby early.


How is a Weight Tracker used?

Calculating a woman’s pre-pregnancy BMI will inform the amount of weight for her to gain (within a range) from week to week over pregnancy, as well as the overall goal range. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, this approach tailors a weight gain goal to each woman. The instructions on the back of the Pregnancy Weight Tracker show how to start using the tracker. It is just like the back of a stocking packet – the idea is to stay in the shaded area that’s right for a specific pre-pregnancy BMI range!


For whom is the Weight Tracker designed?

The weight tracker is suitable for use with all Caucasian women who are carrying a singleton (one) baby. A Pregnancy Weight Tracker for women with multiple babies or those of Asian ethnicity require a modified tracker – this is currently under development.


How do I get a Weight Tracker?

The Mater Personalised Pregnancy Weight Tracker© is printed as an A4 pads with 20 tear off trackers per pad. We are selling these to health professionals and services who care for pregnant women (our price covers the cost of printing and postage only).

If you are interested, please use the order form to be completed and returned to  We are currently developing a system for these trackers to be purchased online and will advise when this method of purchase is available.



Using the Mater Preg Wt Tracker1

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