Nutrition Education Materials Online (NEMO) is a resource developed by Queensland Health for use by health professionals.

The diabetes patient resources including:

  • Healthy eating for diabetes
  • Diabetes resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Healthy eating for diabetes – short
  • Carbohydrates and glycemic index
  • Gestational diabetes mellitus
  • Carbohydrate awareness
  • Carbohydrate counting
  • Reading food labels
  • Treating hypoglycaemia or “hypos”
  • Treating hypoglycaemia or “hypos” (insulin pump)
  • What happens to your BGL when you exercise?
  • Type 1 diabetes and exercise
  • Understanding 10g carbohydrate portions
  • Understanding 10g carbohydrate portions in gluten free foods
  • Understanding 15g carbohydrate portions
  • Understanding 15g carbohydrate portions in gluten free foods
  • Daily meal guide with 10g carbohydrate portions
  • Daily meal guide with 15g carbohydrate portions
  • Carbohydrate free foods for meals and snacks
  • Apps and websites for carbohydrate counting



NEMO Diabetes Resources

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