In an ever expanding social media conversation, there is a large array of voices in the nutrition arena, not necessarily experts, so it can often be hard for Dietitians to be heard.

How to inspire and lead and be the expert voice was the topic of the inspiring presentation given by Carolyn Miller at The Sugar Conundrum Workshop, hosted by the Sugar Research Advisory Service (SRAS). Carolyn, a Communications Strategist and Media Commentator provided insight into the rise of the Pseudo Expert and how to counter this trend with creative thinking and tips to cut through and take the lead in social nutrition communications.

Please watch parts 1 and 2 of the video and be inspired to take the lead in nutrition communications and be heard.

The Sugar Conundrum Event – July 2015

In July, 2015, the SRAS hosted an interactive workshop for dietitians on the science of sugar in food and product development. The workshop consisted of technical presentations from food technologist Richard Tupper and Goodman Fielder technologists on the role of sugar in specific food categories.

The complex role of sugar in food products and product development and its many roles in food were explored and the unintended consequences of removing sugar and the dilemma of product reformulation (impact on sensory appeal, mouth feel, flavor, clean labelling, nutrient profile and nutrient density) were also covered.

Participants were then taken on an interactive journey of putting the science into practice though a series of interactive workstations that demonstrated the theory of what they had just learnt into a practical hands on experience.

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