Dietitians Elaine Mealey and Zoe Connor pooled their professional expertise to provide an interactive programme to update dietitians on the knowledge and skills they need to provide dietetic care to patients/clients on the autistic spectrum.
The two day masterclass was held in Birmingham, UK in October 2013 and featured presentations on the effective management of dietary issues in Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) including areas such as food desensitisation programmes, visual timetables, social stories, special diets and supplementation. Guest speaker Anna Parton also shared her experience of being a mum of a young man who was diagnosed with autism when he was 3, non-verbal and exhibiting much challenging behaviour including a very restricted diet. He is now an eloquent speaker and an adventurous eater.
The event was primarily aimed at paediatric and adult dietitians and student dietitians- a useful update for dietitians with experience in working with individuals with ASC, or a comprehensive introduction for dietitians new to working with individuals with ASC, including those in private practice.  The event was filmed to make it available to dietitians, other professionals and interested non-professionals, parents and individuals on the spectrum, across the UK and worldwide.
Feedback from attendees of the 2 days:
– “We learned a huge amount through this event”
– “I liked best… the interactive style and practical content.”
– “Useful, interesting, inspiring”
– “Well-referenced, evidence-based, common-sense, best practice approach, delivered by professionals very experienced in this field”
– “An excellent study day – would thoroughly (and have done) recommend to colleagues. Came away feeling inspired!”
– “I liked best… the level of knowledge and experience and enthusiasm of speakers – so well read and up do date”
– 26% rated the course ‘very good’ and 74% rated it as ‘excellent’
– 100% would recommend to a friend

About the organisers and speakers:

Zoe Connor combines private practice with working as a neonatal dietitian for the South West Midlands Neonatal Network and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  She specialises in working with children and adults with special needs and autism spectrum disorder/condition.  She was chair of Dietitians in Autism from 2009-2013 and her published works on autism include chapters in the books Clinical Paediatric Dietetics and Food Hypersensitivity.

Elaine Mealey is a private dietitian and dietetic lecturer at London Metropolitan University.  She previously worked as a community dietitian based in special needs schools with the child development team in North London and prior to that was a teaching assistant in special needs schools, putting into practice many of the hands on approaches that help children with eating problems.
Zoe and Elaine are HPCP registered dietitians, members of the BDA and Dietitians in Autism.  They are passionate about supporting dietitians to strive for excellence in their dietetic care of individuals with autism.
Zoe trades as NutritionNutrition Ltd and Elaine trades as Huxham Nutrition Ltd.
Anna Parton is a dietitian and the proud mum of Robert – a young man with autism.  She currently works in private practice and NHS in Swansea and has previously held posts specialising in autism and ADHD.
List of talks:
1. Dietary problems in autism spectrum conditions – Zoe Connor – 1 hour
2. Communication and learning: what dietitians need to know – Elaine Mealey –  50 minutes
3. Sensory issues: how they relate to diet – Zoe Connor – 50 minutes
4. Dealing with reluctant eaters – Zoe Connor and Elaine Mealey – 40 minutes
5. Case study workshop – Zoe Connor and Elaine Mealey – 45 minutes
6. My son Rob – Anna Parton – 1 hour 20 minutes
7. Dietary interventions – the evidence – Zoe Connor and Elaine Mealey – 2 hours 10 minutes
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