February 2023 is Gut Health Month! 

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We are a community of dietitians worldwide and the chosen link for nutrition professional development. Podcasts, webinars, resources, e-newsletters, e-magazines and events.

“Am loving Dietitian Connection.”

Dr Megan Rossi

“I love that Dietitian Connection connects all dietitians from private practice to clinical and provides a wide range of content. I love the professional development opportunities & free webinars.”

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"Dietitian connection fuels my passion for Dietetics; there's someone I can talk to and who cares about how I'm going in my job."

Dietitian Connection member

"From an appreciation for good food, interest in business and growth, understanding the importance of science, positive attitude towards the future of health and a sprinkle of fun."

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The chosen link for Nutrition Leaders

Our vision is to empower dietitians to realise their professional dreams by building a community that inspires, educates and unites.
We are committed to raising the VOICE of dietitians and creating more IMPACT as a profession. We make this possible through FREE professional development and encouraging robust, friendly debate between experts in their field.
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